Rise Of The Runelords

The Seven's Sawmill


D1 Outer Walk
bq). Built over the mouth of the Yondabakari River, this wood building sits on massive wooden pilings driven into the riverbed below. A wooden boardwalk wraps around the northern rim of the building, and a flight of stairs leads down to a door on the east side just above the water level. The churning of four large waterwheels under the mill fills the air with sound and mist"

D2 Loading Bay
bq). The entirety of the first floor consists of a loading area. An opening in the ceiling into the floor above is filled with a tangle of ropes and slings for lowering timber. Nearby, stairs ascend to the next floor. Two sturdy wagons sit to the south, next to a bank of machinery accessed by four low doors; the grinding and creaking of the machinery fills the room.

Successful Survival check reveals large (ogre, or giant) once used hay in northeast section as a place to rest.

D3 Undermill
bq). This is a place of mist and noise. Four immense waterwheels churn steadily in the northern part of this large room, while to the south, whiring belts of leather, gears, pulleys, and thick ropes spin and churn, using the eternal motion of the river below to power pistons that rumble along the southern wall.lk

D4 Lumber Collection
bq). This large storeroom is filled with stacks of timber, firewood, and other finished lumber products waiting for shipment. A network of pulleys on tracks covers the ceiling, ropes dangling here and there to aid in the shifting of inventory as needed. Machinery churns along the south wall, while nearby two chutes fitted with winches allow lumber to be hauled up from the holding pools below. Four openings in the ceiling lead to the upper floor; chutes extend through each of these from the log splitters in the room above. Under each opening is a collection bin.

Villans Dispatched
Skinsaw Cultists (4) xp 600 Each.

  • (Leather Armor (4) , Hand Crossbow w/ 10 bolts (4), Masterwork War Razor (4), Skinsaw Mask (4), 80gp.

D5 Log Splitters
The floor of this room has a thick carpet of sawdust, penetrated by two large log splitters and saws set up over openings in the floor. Another pair of openings is fitted with winches and ropes to raise and lower uncut lumber from below.

D6 Ironbriar’s Office
The bare floor of this room makes it appear to be a large meeting room, with a small closet in the middle, and a private office in the back.

Ironbriar’s private office bears macabre decorations — human faces stretched flat over wooden frames by strips of leather or black twine. Each face grimaces in a slightly different expression of pain, looking down on a cramped room that contains a desk, a high-backed rocking chair, and a low-slung cot heaped with scratchy-looking blankets.

A set of cages support the roof of Ironbriar’s balcony. Inside perch three strangely silent ravens. A table nearby holds a tall narrow bucket of bird feed, a quill, and a vial of ink, as well as several thin parchments weighted down by a polished rock.

Villans Dispatched
Skinsaw Cultists (4) xp 600 Each.
(Leather Armor (4) , Hand Crossbow w/ 10 bolts (4), Masterwork War Razor (4), Skinsaw Mask (4), 80gp.

Justice Ironbriar (Captured, but alive) xp 3,200

  • Books, Sea Charts, Etchings of Vast Rock Formations, and Pamphlets Discussing a false school of magic known as the Alchymyc,
  • A Fine painting depicting a city carved from a vast frozen waterfall with towering ice cathedrals and somes. (200GP).
  • Wizard’s spellbook emblazoned with two entwined snakes (one red, one green) that contains the following spells: blink, Cat ’s Grace, chill touch, enlarge person, fox ’s cunning, grease, haste, lightning bolt, mage armor, magic missile, scorching ray, shocking grasp, shrink item, spider climb, and web.
  • An old and beautifully filigreed tome containing numerous hand- drawn illustrations and titled The Syrpents Tane: Fairy Tales of the Eldest. The book presents tales of the Tane-the most feared of a group of notorious fey known as the Twisted, goliaths of war and madness dreamt and stitched into being b y the Eldest. This fine and rare tome is worth 500 gp.
  • A slim volume cryptically hand written in Draconic, Elven, and Infernal characters.
  • Three caged ravens
  • A list of names, some crossed off. A successful Knowledge local check reals that many of the crossed off names, were recent murder victims.



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