Rise Of The Runelords

Welcome To Magnimar

Lets sneak into a city, by pretending to be a dead guy we're famous for kiling!


Map of Magnimar

Justice Ironbriar

Avon successfully disguised himself as the deceased Aldern Foxglove, so the following conversation never happened. Justice Ironbriar welcomed the disguised bard and his party to Magnimar.

“Welcome to Magnimar. I’m Justice Ironbriar, I’m the chief justice of Magnimar, and responsible for keeping the peace, and enforcing the law in our fair city. News of you’re heroic actions, and saving Sandpoint from Aldren Foxglove have traveled before you. We are all thankful that you were willing and able to help our sister city. We too have a recent rash of murders, but we don’t need the assistance of a small-town posse. We have a real city guard, capable of handling our own problems. So, can I assume that your purpose here is strictly to participate in our booming local economy, or shall I draw you a map of the most direct route back to sand-point?



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